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________________________________________________________________________________ LIMBIK proudly presents: Our 2′nd FUTURESPEAK topic Brought to you by our resident Digital Sociologist, Lisa Talia Moretti FUTURESPEAK topic for the month of June: The Age of Empathy ________________________________________________________________________________ When I say “VR” what you do you think? “The ability to time travel to a different world?” Do you think of a massive device you put on your face? Or do you perhaps think of the ability to time travel to a different world? Or do you think “VIDEO GAMES!” When I ...
______________________________________________________________________________ LIMBIK proudly presents: Our 1′st FUTURESPEAK production Brought to you by our resident Digital Sociologist, Lisa Talia Moretti FUTURESPEAK topic for the month of May: Wearable Technology ______________________________________________________________________________ According to a 2015 Q4 report from CCS Insight, the value of the wearable technology industry is set to treble in the next five years. Treble. That is insane considering that wearable technology en masse didn’t even exist as an industry beyond experimentation since the mid-2000s.
On the outskirts of Stellenbosch lies the impoverished community of Kayamandi – a community faced with the daily challenge of making ends meet. As agency we have been priviledged to play a role in supporting the truly great Kayamandi based charity: LOVE to GIVE. With their new visual language and identity we hope to tell the story of an organisation at the centre of a ‘caring community’.

LIMBIK Newbies

By October 9th, 2014
LIMBIK is proud to welcome a couple o’ new kids to our block! Allow us to introduce them to you. ALAIN LOTRIET – DESIGNER Our youngest designer, a Bloemfontein boytjie by birth, has big aspirations to succeed in a multitude of creative fields. In his own, understated way he is passionate about story telling and obsessed with the moving image, be it animation or film.

Love The Craft

By September 25th, 2014
Social media and blogging for CRAFT are thriving in today’s digital sphere. Professional craftspeople and craft organisations have embraced social platforms to create community, share, learn support and promote. Our client, CBC leader in the field of craft - have taken ownership of this platform with the exciting initiative and online environment aptly titled LOVE THE CRAFT.
To suit a charming brand language, it was essential that Cecilia’s Farm had a strong digital platform. We helped launch several of these digital components for this successful and highly dynamic brand, including a responsive site with parallax features, an amazing online store, social media components and a series of short videos. Explore Cecilia’s


By August 21st, 2014
“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein Inspired by the wise words of one of mankind’s greatest minds (and craziest hair), Joint MDs Henniel Smit & Wilhelm Fismer stepped up to the plate and took on their first two-wheeled team challenge. On the 8th August 2014 Team LIMBIKE was born.

Bottoms Up

By July 24th, 2014
We take pride in what we do. When we do it well – we celebrate! A recently announced cause for jollification is our agency’s creative partnership win on the MOËT & CHANDON social account for Nigeria. So, with much delight, we raise a glass of bubbles to the future! Bottoms up.
Driven by wanderlust and mostly curiosity, Wilhelm Fismer decided to leave the Motherland to embark on new adventures abroad. He was set with a 1-2 year plan in mind, but that eventually turned into 8 years. And so, after almost a decade of living and working in the UK, he decided to come back home with a new title as Joint Managing Director of LIMBIK. Going back to where it all ...

KLINK Awards

By October 8th, 2013
The KLINK Awards are here and it’s time to honour the very best in South African tourism. Launched in 2012, the KLINK Awards currently has 15 categories ranging from “greenest estate” and “most casual dining” to “best child-friendly venue”. Wine lovers, connoisseurs, foodies and adventurers are invited to vote for their favourite to-do’s and must-see’s in the Western Cape Winelands.You can vote for your favourite winery or destination in one or ...